By proactively and boundlessly connecting the right IT specialists and Engineers to Jobbex and our clients, we achieve the optimal result for all stakeholders. We expertly match supply and demand, helping to solve and prevent capacity problems.

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By proactively and boundlessly connecting the right IT specialists and Engineers to Jobbex and our clients, we achieve the optimal result for all stakeholders. We expertly match supply and demand, helping to solve and prevent capacity problems.


Jobbex connects European IT specialists and Engineers to cool assignments at leading organisations. For years, there has been a structural shortage of (highly) skilled employees in the IT and Engineering sector. That is why we scout for the right experts to work for you on-site or from our foreign branch (on-site or remote). We don't call ourselves capacity solvers for no reason!   

How we do that? Simple! By listening carefully and knowing what is going on within this area of business. We keep a close eye on developments in the labour market in our field. The specialists in our international network come from all over Europe and, after a careful selection, are accommodated near the client. This allows your organisation to scale up quickly.    

Skilled specialists

Jobbex's professionals are highly trained professionals with plenty of experience. Our standards are high, and so is the quality we deliver.   

Value addition

Our Jobbex employees are motivated to the bone. They are go-getters, they think solution-focused and add value to your business.  

Perfect connection

We draw up the desired job profile and search our portfolio and international network for the right candidate for your challenge.   

On-site or remote

Through Jobbex, you can expand your team with no limits with ease. We set up an extension of your organisation, in the office or (also) abroad.   

6 benefits of working with remote teams for your business

We solve your capacity problem! Jobbex is an experienced and reliable secondment partner. You can always rely upon our network and scale up your teams quickly, allowing you to take on assignments that your original capacity would not allow. In this white paper, we take a closer look at the six main advantages of working with remote teams compared to recruiting and hiring staff yourself. 

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Want to know why engaging remote teams can be a solution for your business too? Then download the free whitepaper!  


Whether it concerns remote or on-site secondment, one employee or an entire team: Jobbex always finds a suitable solution to your capacity problem. 

In the past, we have been able to support several clients and achieved impressive results. Through the cases below, we would like to give you an insight into Jobbex's work.

How an urgent capacity problem led to a strong collaboration

By putting cooperation first, IT specialist Ivo Pereira strengthens the relationship between our client and Jobbex. "I try to think along proactively with our client, because at the end of the day, that is also in the interest of Jobbex itself."

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Developing a capacity planner without development capacity? Jobbex provides the solution!

Jobbex not only ensured that the right people ended up in the right positions, but also that both parties (company and IT professionals) were relieved of as much of their worries as possible, so that the focus could be entirely on the project.

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By focussing on personal growth first, the results grow along

A great example of the matches we can make with Jobbex is the success story of Aires. Aires was really looking to broaden his horizons and wanted to build a strong CV, so he signed up with Jobbex, which is based in both the Netherlands and Portugal.

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Why Jobbex?

We are certainly not the only secondment agency in the IT sector, but we are unique of our kind. Thanks to our office in Portugal, we attract talent faster from both the Dutch and Portuguese markets. It also allows us to offer our services at an attractive rate.

We like short lines of communication, transparent communication and fair rates. We set the bar high for our clients, and we'd go through fire for our employees. This is what you can expect in a partnership with Jobbex.


We are go-getters and goal-oriented. After launching a selection procedure, Jobbex makes sure you can deploy an experienced professional at lightning speed.  


Satisfying the demand you set is central to us. We do not come up with alternatives but look for candidates that fit your needs.   


You can rely on us, now and in the future. We do what we promise so that your organisation can grow safely and without risk or worry.   


We have a great sense of responsibility towards our specialists. We make sure they lack nothing so that they are comfortable working for our clients.  

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